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4 ways to carpool

June 06, 2018

So you are either of the one :-

  • You don’t have a car and are looking for ride to office / back home
  • You have a car but need someone to pitch in the fuel / maintenance cost or may be just for good company

This blog is for Poolmyride users, so in order for this blog to sound relevant download the app Android | IOS

The very first thing you see when you download the app is the list of users travelling near your location and the carpools created near your area. It will look like this


Don’t worry if you are don’t see the carpool which fits your need , you can search a carpool on a specific route. Here is how search looks in Android and IOS


Now say you have found the carpool which matches very closely to your requirement so let’s get you connected

  • On Pool Detail screen you can chat with the carpool host for FREE. Yes connecting with other carpooler is absolutely free we don’t charge anything. So drop in → Hi and be polite
  • Don’t want to wait ? no issues call the user directly . All users have verified contact information
  • Reluctant to call ? Didn’t receive chat reply as well. Go ahead and email the person
  • Still couldn’t get in touch ? contact us carpool@poolmyride.com


Still confused ? would love to get some feedback , do get in touch with us at carpool@poolmyride.com

Happy Carpooling

Abhishek Talwar

Written by Abhishek Talwar connecting commuters since 2013 via Poolmyride and Yantha Connect on Twitter