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For Employees who don’t get cab — pick drop — facility

July 06, 2018

I understand how you feel, you just joined a new company better pay scale , better learning opportunities but deep down you know it’s not gonna be an easy ride back home.


Or may be you don’t worry that much, you have your vehicle and are comfortable driving for today. So here is your week

Monday : You drive alone to office

Tuesday : You drive alone to office

Wednesday : You drive alone to office, peeking in other cars observing that 60% of the cars have single occupancy, wait may be you could carpool

Thursday : You drive alone to office, feeling lonely and frustrated. You are stuck in traffic, your playlist is again on repeat. That’s when you google and download some carpool app and set up a ride with someone who is about to join in the evening. Carpooling with a total stranger comes with issues like timing , smoking habits, music preference , pick and drop checkpoint. Many of these can be ignored but timing and checkpoints will always be an issue if they don’t match perfectly

Friday : You understand it’s not an easy task to find a perfect carpool partner and again drive alone to office.


This is exactly how i felt when i used to commute to my office 40 kms far, this is how everyone who drives alone the complete week feels.

Enters Poolmyride

We have been working for 4 years to connect commuters travelling on same path and we have found that 80% of traffic is caused by employees who have a bench job. So we developed a carpooling app which will help employees of same / nearby companies to connect and carpool. Hence we @Poolmyride developed concept of Corporate Carpooling

What is corporate carpooling ?

It’s a platform where in an employee can connect with other employees travelling on same path for daily office commute.

Does it match only with the employees of my company ?

Best match would obviously be if you can find a coworker to carpool but then it depends plus it’s always good to have other options so if someday your carpool partner is on leave you still have your productive day . So Poolmyride app matches you with employees of other companies in same area (within 5 Kms) this increases possibilities of connecting with verified carpoolers who have same destination.

How can i Join ?

We are available on Android and IOS, login either with linkedin or with your official Email ID and once you confirm it, you are matched with other colleagues and employees of nearby companies

How to get my company registered ?

Step 1 : Download Poolmyride

Step 2 : Login with Linkedin / Facebook

Step 3 : Go to Companies section (2nd tab in bottom menu), give your official email id if it isn’t available on linkedin or you logged in from Facebook.

Step 4 : Your company is registered now, share the app with other employees as it’s FREE registration for a month.

So download the app, get some peace of mind, do something for nature and your pocket, make some friends, exchange ideas, while making your daily commute interesting


Abhishek Talwar

Written by Abhishek Talwar connecting commuters since 2013 via Poolmyride and Yantha Connect on Twitter