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Corporate Carpooling Service For Less Than $10 Per Annum

March 06, 2019


I wonder if the title of this article should be

  • How to increase productivity of employees , OR
  • How to make sure your employees are at best of energies when they step into work, OR
  • How to retain your employees

Well , you got the idea where i am headed to. An employer / leader has to make sure the one who was hired is delivering and more importantly that its coming out naturally out of him. For that employers have to take care of certain criteria’s like Neutral Environment / Flexible Timings / provide Work From Home, but they normally miss out on commuting challenges faced by their team members.

A study into commuting and personal wellbeing shows that each minute added to commute affects anxiety, happiness and general wellbeing. Commuters are more likely to be anxious, dissatisfied and have the sense that their daily activities lack meaning.

Since employees are stuck in traffic, their brain starts to focus on self refrential processes such as recalling personal memories to navigate the future. Researches said, despite the benefits of solitude, being left truly alone with our thoughts can be uncomfortable or even stressful. Commuting alone can raise stress levels affecting the way the mind interprets stimuli.

Thus a stressful employee already frustrated at the start of the day is likely to make bad decisions at work. This can cause ripple effect in team as energies try to be in sync, corrupting and compromising entire productivity of team.

At Poolmyride we do understand this stress pattern and are providing a corporate carpooling package for employers to have an affordable solution which solves the problem. Our solution consists of 2 major modules , Technical and Non-Technical

Technical Solution

  • Intelligent Geolocation Matching Algorithm (Covering even sub-routes)
  • Number Masking For Security (Like contacts are masked in various cab hailing apps like uber / ola )
  • PMR Gold (Boost increases discoverability of a carpool by 4 X)

Non Technical Solution

Connecting 2 strangers for an hour long drive, requires more than a technical solution, it requires a human interface to understand employees preferences, help them in coordinating first ride to break ice-barrier. We know that your employees will have certain preferences like

  • Upper management level person would want to carpool with someone in his league
  • Female only carpool
  • Carpool required for only one side

Commuting Audit

Considering all the above and more edge cases, we have included commuting audit in our package. For an entire month we sit with your employees and discuss their challenges to work and how they would like to get it resolved, we then analyse their preferences and provide best possible solution within or nearby company.

Your employees need you to consider their commuting situation as a critical one and they want you to work on it. Don’t loose them !

Connect with us at carpool@poolmyride.com

Abhishek Talwar

Written by Abhishek Talwar connecting commuters since 2013 via Poolmyride and Yantha Connect on Twitter